The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

Equine Information Document (EID) system in Canada

White Papers:

Horse Slaughter – Its Ethical Impact and Subsequent Response of the Veterinary Profession 

White Paper by Allen Warren

CHDC Investigations (caution – some graphic imagery):

2012 – The True Faces of Horse Slaughter in Canada – A View into Alberta’s Horse Feedlots

2012 – Slaughterhouse Six – Six Standardbreds who met their death in a Canadian slaughterhouse in July 2011

2011 – Pasture to Plate – Investigation of Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation

2010 – Chambers of Carnage – Investigation of Bouvry Exports and Richelieu Meats

2009 – River Runs Deep – A Report for Carry the Kettle First Nations

2008 – Black Beauty Betrayed – Investigation at Natural Valley Farms

2008 – Early Investigation at Natural Valley Farms

2008 – Illegal Dumping of Horse Blood at Natural Valley Farms

Live Horse Exports to Japan

Behind Closed Doors – What XL Foods and Horse Slaughter Plants Have in Common and What They’d Prefer to Keep Hidden

Proof of CFIA Failure

Other Useful Resources:

Mexican Horsemeat Ban

Bill C-322

Drugs and Horsemeat

Disposal Options

Mortality Composting

Emergency Euthanasia of Horses

An Example of Options for Disposal in the United States

Transportation To Slaughter Issues

The Captive Bolt vs. Humane Euthanasia for Horses

History and Causes of Equine Abuse and Neglect

Qualified and Vetted Horse Rescues in Canada

Survival Tips for the New Horse Market

Path International Equine Services for Heroes

Study Confirms Euthanasia in Horses is Quick, Humane

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